Move Me EP

by Tattiana Aqeel

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Move Me EP is my first solo recording project. All original songs about my artistic experience in life over the last 6 years. Thank you for listening.


released June 28, 2015

Vocals, guitar, lyrics, and sound production by Tattiana Aqeel. Thanks and praise to my parents who both watch over me and send me little bytes of magic and guidance through the ethers. Huge thanks to Be Steadwell for being so gracious with studio space. Thanks to all my friends and family who lend listening ears. Um Ordren Aqeel, Elder Tahirah Washington, my sister Kailasa Aqeel, Taylor Johnson, Brenda Hayes, Amber Moore, Sharon and Andrew Goods, Tarus Mateen, Dara Yayah, Risikat Okedeyi, Shannon Rooney, the Mousai House, and many, many more!



all rights reserved


Tattiana Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: One Whole
What's got the heart of a woman, the mind of a guru, the soul of a very best friend?
You are the voice of the ocean, beating vibration, feeling deeply rooted in the Earth.
We are. Are. (rpt)
What is the being of laughter, creation of song, meeting ever-after, this one?
I am the passion from dreaming, courage awakened, the dance at the center of the drum.
We are. Are (rpt)
One mind, One heart, One spirit, One song, One life, One love, One people, One drum, One whole, One world , One race, One seed.
We are one seed (rpt)
One mind, One heart, One race, One song, One life, One love, One people, One drum, One whole, One world, One spirit, One seed.
We are.
We are the seeds of one. (rpt 4x)

Ad libs: We're all we've got. Can't we see that?... We are One.
Track Name: Obsesión
Mi dejaste abierta no tengo pertenencias
Todo fue arrebatado el día que me conquistaste
Me quede vacia y asi segui a la deriva
Pense que sabria el final, pense que sabria quando.
Un obsesión (volver 4x)
Mi dejaste abierta no tengo pertenencias
Todo lo que eras se fundio en mí
Ya lo perdi con que me quedaré para seguir luchando
Y tu ya ganaste
Mi obsesion (volver 4x)
Un obsesiòn (vlv 4x)

Lyrics in English:
You kept me open
I had no belongings
All was taken the day I let you in
I was emptied and so we kept a-sailing
Thought I knew the end
Thought I could see when
An obsession (rpt4x)
You left me open
I had no beginnings
All that was you became of me too
I had lost what will I had left to fight within
And you had won
My obsession (rpt 4x)
An obsession (rpt 4x)
Track Name: Move Me
Check me once chil' and check me again with those pretty hands
I knew your pretty smile before I could taste your pretty skin
Here's to making me wait so patiently
Before you dropped down and landed on my plate
You move me softly, slowly to believing beby (rpt)
Oh you move me
Checked up, checked down. I'm feeling you now where to begin?
This is different that any other places I've been in
How you feel, how your body curves into mine
I'm giving you my reward for waiting taking my time
You move me gently, easy to receiving beby
I'm humbly kneeling halfway to your feet now baby
Oh you move me
I wanna eat you up and not spit you out (4x)
Leap up, leap in the water is fine I'm swimming in
Keep up keeping the rhythm and time I'm loving it
Think I've known you before. Glad you're back again
You got the perfect timing my golden friend
Mmmm meet me, take me back to the beginning beby
I'm flying, spiraling, coming(cumming) to your senses baby
Oh you move me
I wanna eat you up and not spit you out (4x)
... You'll taste so good.